I was at IRC for a while but needed a bit more rehab for my frozen shoulder. I picked this facility because it’s close to my home and has a 5-Star Medicare rating. I’m not disappointed in this place, it’s nicer than I thought. Nursing staff has been terrific! They have always gotten me ready and on time for my dialysis trips where the facility van transported me to. The van service was convenient for me and I never missed a treatment. My rehab team was great and pushed me to keep going to reach new goals. I recommend this facility because my experience was extremely positive.

Richard Thompson

I was at LV Surgery Center and chose this facility due to the 5-star Medicare ratings. I’ve been working on mobility, endurance, and stability. Professional, supportive, and hospitable are a few words to describe the therapy staff. I’ve been here for one week and have made rapid improvement in my mobility and I’ll be discharged to go back home in just a few days. I recommend this facility for the supportive rehab and nursing staff and for their friendly and professional care.

Joseph Lang

I came from Lehigh Valley IRC for extra rehab with mobility before going home. The therapy staff were great, and they helped me with ADLs, walking, and gaining my independence. The aides gave me constant encouragement and we’re never negative with me. I was homesick when I first came and unhappy to be away from my home. Norma said give us a chance, and I’m glad I did! Norma and Crystal have been my biggest supporters. Jayla is so sweet and kind and always helped me even when she didn’t cover my room. Maria and Marcia were also amazing to me. I can name many more people but keeping it short, the staff have been great here!

Phyllis Sutliff

I was recently diagnosed with CHF at St. Luke’s Bethlehem. I picked this facility because of the 5-star Medicare rating and so glad I did. I started therapy as soon as I was admitted and now, I am ready to go home. Steve, my physical therapist, was professional, knowledgeable, and very friendly. He provided clarification and an explanation on the benefits of different activities we’ve done during our therapy sessions. I am now walking up and down the hall three times by myself and negotiating 14 steps! I recommend this facility because rehab worked!

Edward Figuli

I was at LVCC, and the care manager gave my wife a list of facilities to choose from. She chose Cedar Crest Post Acute because this facility is rated 5-stars and has a good reputation. The staff is exceptional and very professional here. All the therapists work as a team and have helped me improve dramatically. Georgette, my CNA, made me feel at home! She went above and beyond and has provided exceptional care for me. I recommend Cedar Crest Post Acute for the care and nurturing way of the staff. I am thankful for this place because it has paved the way for my success, and I’ll continue to make progress.

Gabriel Provencio

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